When a master thief is sabotaged during a bank heist and left for dead, he seeks revenge on his former crew one target at a time. Now, with the cops and the mob closing in, he's in the race of his life to reclaim an untold fortune in cryptocurrency from those who double-crossed him.

Original Title: Blowback
Year: 2022
Countries: United States of America
Category: Action,Thriller,Crime
Languages: English
Production Companies: Premiere Entertainment Group
Gender: Action,Thriller,Crime
Movie Cast:

  • Jack: Randy Couture
  • Nick: Cam Gigandet
  • Veronica: Michele Plaia
  • Det. Cooper: Louis Mandylor
  • Doc Byrne: William McNamara
  • Sullivan: Chris Maher
  • Jerry: Rafael Cabrera
  • Alex: Benjamin Abiola
  • Charpentier: Peter Nikkos
  • Det. Owens: Texas Battle
  • Diana Reed: Candy Santana

Movie Crew:

  • Director: Tibor Takács
  • Associate Producer: Jacov Bresler
  • Producer: Eduard Osipov
  • Producer: Elias Axume
  • Executive Producer: Nicole Holland
  • Executive Producer: Stuart Alson
  • Executive Producer: Matthew Helderman
  • Executive Producer: Murray Lipnik
  • Executive Producer: David Coppa
  • Executive Producer: Eli Lipnik
  • Associate Producer: Devin Carter
  • Executive Producer: Carlos Rincon
  • Screenplay: Matthew Eason

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