Back to the Future Part II

Back to the Future Part II

Marty and Doc are at it again in this wacky sequel to the 1985 blockbuster as the time-traveling duo head to 2015 to nip some McFly family woes in the bud. But things go awry thanks to bully Biff Tannen and a pesky sports almanac. In a last-ditch attempt to set things straight, Marty finds himself bound for 1955 and face to face with his teenage parents -- again.

Original Title: Back to the Future Part II
Year: 1989
Countries: United States of America
Category: Adventure,Comedy,Science Fiction
Languages: English
Production Companies:
Gender: Adventure,Comedy,Science Fiction
Movie Cast:

  • Marty McFly / Marty McFly Jr. / Marlene McFly: Michael J. Fox
  • Emmett Brown: Christopher Lloyd
  • Lorraine McFly: Lea Thompson
  • Biff Tannen / Griff Tannen: Thomas F. Wilson
  • Jennifer Parker: Elisabeth Shue
  • Strickland: James Tolkan
  • George McFly: Jeffrey Weissman
  • 3-D: Casey Siemaszko
  • Match: Billy Zane
  • Skinhead: J.J. Cohen
  • Terry: Charles Fleischer
  • Video Waiter (Michael Jackson): E. Casanova Evans
  • Video Waiter (Ronald Reagan): Jay Koch
  • Video Waiter (Ayatollah Khomeini): Charles Gherardi
  • Data: Ricky Dean Logan
  • Spike: Darlene Vogel
  • Whitey: Jason Scott Lee
  • Video Game Boy: Elijah Wood
  • Video Game Boy: John Thornton
  • Hoverboard Girl: Theo Schwartz
  • Hoverboard Girl: Lindsey Whitney Barry
  • Antique Store Saleswoman: Judy Ovitz
  • Officer Foley: Stephanie Williams
  • Cab Driver: Marty Levy
  • Needles: Flea
  • Fujitsu: Jim Ishida
  • Loretta: Nikki Birdsong
  • Dad: Al White
  • Mom: Junior Fann
  • Harold: Shaun Hunter
  • Bum: George Buck Flower
  • Museum Narrator (voice): Neil Ross
  • Jacuzzi Girl: Tamara Carrera
  • Jacuzzi Girl: Tracy Dali
  • Basketball Kid: Jennifer Brown
  • Basketball Kid: Irina Cashen
  • Basketball Kid: Angela Greenblatt
  • Basketball Kid: Cameron Moore
  • Basketball Kid: Justin Mosley Spink
  • Babs: Lisa Freeman
  • Radio Sportscaster (voice): John Erwin
  • Marvin Berry: Harry Waters, Jr.
  • Starlighter: David Harold Brown
  • Starlighter: Tommy Thomas
  • Starlighter: Lloyd L. Tolbert
  • Starlighter: Granville 'Danny' Young
  • CPR Kid: Wesley Mann
  • Western Union Man: Joe Flaherty
  • Dave McFly (uncredited): Marc McClure
  • George McFly (archive footage) (uncredited): Crispin Glover
  • Officer Foley: Stephanie E. Williams
  • Officer Reese: Mary Ellen Trainor

Movie Crew:

  • Conductor: Alan Silvestri
  • Story: Robert Zemeckis
  • Associate Producer: Steve Starkey
  • Editor: Arthur Schmidt
  • Executive Producer: Steven Spielberg
  • Executive Producer: Kathleen Kennedy
  • Production Design: Rick Carter
  • Costume Design: Joanna Johnston
  • Casting: Mike Fenton
  • Set Decoration: Linda DeScenna
  • Executive Producer: Frank Marshall
  • Casting: Valorie Massalas
  • Casting: Judy Taylor
  • Story: Bob Gale
  • Producer: Neil Canton
  • Director of Photography: Dean Cundey
  • Editor: Harry Keramidas
  • Stunts: Mike Watson
  • First Assistant Director: David McGiffert
  • Supervising Sound Editor: Charles L. Campbell
  • Stunts: Charles Croughwell
  • Foley Artist: Ellen Heuer
  • Unit Production Manager: Joan Bradshaw
  • Production Coordinator: Lata Ryan
  • Unit Publicist: Michael Klastorin
  • Art Direction: Margie Stone McShirley
  • Stunts: Tony Brubaker
  • Makeup Designer: Ken Chase
  • Stunt Coordinator: Walter Scott
  • Visual Effects Supervisor: Ken Ralston
  • Hairstylist: Allen Payne
  • Orchestrator: James B. Campbell
  • Production Sound Mixer: William B. Kaplan
  • Boom Operator: Earl Sampson
  • Associate Editor: Peter Lonsdale
  • Production Controller: Bonne Radford
  • Camera Operator: Raymond Stella
  • Stunts: John-Clay Scott
  • Special Effects Supervisor: Michael Lantieri
  • First Assistant Camera: Clyde E. Bryan
  • ADR Editor: Mary Andrews
  • Second Unit Director: Max Kleven
  • Post Production Supervisor: Martin Cohen
  • Stunts: Greg Wayne Elam
  • Sound Editor: Gregg Baxter
  • Hairstylist: Dorothy Byrne
  • Stunts: Gary Morgan
  • Costume Supervisor: Nancy McArdle
  • Script Supervisor: Marion Tumen
  • Hairstylist: Hazel Catmull
  • Makeup Artist: Nancy J. Hvasta Leonardi
  • Makeup Artist: Ellis Burman Jr.
  • Property Master: John Zemansky
  • Transportation Coordinator: Russell McEntyre
  • Still Photographer: Ralph Nelson Jr.
  • Music Editor: Kenneth Karman
  • Foley Mixer: Greg Orloff
  • Location Manager: Paul Pav
  • Additional Camera: Casey Hotchkiss
  • Stunt Double: Cheryl Wheeler Duncan
  • Scoring Mixer: Dennis S. Sands
  • Animation Supervisor: Wes Takahashi
  • Foley Recordist: Carolyn Tapp
  • Set Designer: Beverli Eagan
  • Color Timer: Dale E. Grahn
  • Construction Coordinator: Walt Hadfield
  • Costumer: Gala Autumn
  • Visual Effects Editor: Timothy Eaton
  • Chief Lighting Technician: Mark Walthour
  • Animation Coordinator: Judith Weaver
  • ADR Supervisor: Larry Singer
  • Stunts: Pat Romano
  • Visual Effects Coordinator: Kim Bromley
  • Stunts: David Rowden
  • Second Assistant Director: Cara Giallanza
  • Assistant Art Director: Lynn Christopher
  • Video Assist Operator: Steve Irwin
  • Propmaker: Neil Garland
  • Visual Effects Art Director: John Bell
  • Dolly Grip: Al LaVerde
  • Key Grip: Ron Cardarelli
  • Craft Service: Tim Gonzales
  • Best Boy Grip: Sid Lucero
  • Production Accountant: Stevie Lazo
  • Gaffer: Peter Clarson
  • Production Illustrator: Jonas David
  • Grip: Marty Dobkousky
  • Assistant Makeup Artist: Karen Kubeck
  • Carpenter: Marc Fambro
  • Stunts: Richie Gaona
  • Construction Foreman: Jerry Sargent
  • Leadman: Tom McCown
  • Painter: Cary Conway
  • Choreographer: Brad Jeffries
  • Camera Loader: Jolanda R. Wipfli
  • Sound Recordist: Albert Romero
  • Stunts: Will Cascio
  • Transportation Co-Captain: Keith O'Brien
  • Editorial Coordinator: Dawn Oltman
  • Assistant Editor: Janet Fiona Mason
  • Assistant Sound Editor: Peter C. Barbour
  • Utility Stunts: Bobby Aldridge
  • Greensman: Larry Lennert
  • Standby Painter: Jerry Gadette
  • Set Dressing Artist: Larry Boyd
  • Driver: Richard Burch
  • Transportation Captain: Dale Henry
  • Best Boy Electric: John D. Todd
  • Electrician: Robert P. Quiroz
  • Lighting Technician: Steve Chandler
  • Key Rigging Grip: Bill Baker
  • Visual Effects Producer: Suella Kennedy
  • Second Assistant Camera: Larry D. Davis
  • Special Effects Technician: Thomas R. Homsher
  • General Manager: Scott Ross
  • Assistant Accountant: Colleen Arnaud
  • VFX Artist: Loring Doyle
  • Casting Assistant: Joni Kearney
  • Assistant Property Master: Richard Leon
  • Assistant Camera: Jalal Pashandi
  • Negative Cutter: Kevin Havner
  • Assistant Chief Lighting Technician: Thomas Marshall
  • Assistant Production Coordinator: Susan Spencer Robbins
  • Production Assistant: Elizabeth Ann Bundschu
  • Stunts: R.L. Tolbert
  • Stunts: Karen E. Laine

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    2 Review

  1. John Chard dice:

    You gotta go forward to save the past and back to alter the future.


    Back to the Future Part II sees Marty & Jennifer coerced by Doc into travelling forward in time to correct the future. But Biff is still around and spies an opportunity for untold riches; which he takes. Meaning our three time travelling wonders have to find a way back to the past to stop Biff from changing the course of history.

    The gargantuan, and deserved, success of Back To The Future ensured {demanded} that a sequel would follow. So taking the bull by the horns, Robert Zemeckis and Bob Gray crafted not only a sequel, but a trilogy, of which part two is ultimately a sort of interim plot filler for the finale to come a year later. There's no doubt about it, part two is at first a puzzle box of a picture, one that had this particular viewer back in the day venturing in for multiple viewings to unravel the deft, daft, but intricate plot.

    I have grown to love part two very much as I have got older, with each viewing tending to reward me just a little bit more. Directed with absolute keenness by Zemeckis, the film moves at such a pace there is barely time to catch breath, something that hardly helps one to follow exactly what is going on. But it does make sense under scrutiny, and as we lurch from one magnificent set piece to another, we find a dark undercurrent of bleakness in amongst the froth.

    The makers offer up two visions of the future, one is all colourful and swamped in glorious 80s nostalgia, yet it's knowingly enveloped in consumerism and hi-tech reliability. The other is bitten by greed and almost under despotic control, it's food for thought and rather wry in its telling. Not content with that, the makers whisk us back to 1955 just to remind us that a time of innocence and hope did exist; and simultaneously with skill they repeat the ending of part one with the additional story of part two! Clever eh? The returning cast are again uniformly strong {Michael J. Fox, Thomas F. Wilson & Christopher Lloyd} while Elisabeth Shue confidently steps into Jennifer's shoes after Claudia Wells {Jennifer in part one} fell ill and was unable to continue the role. Alan Silvestri's score still packs a cross dimension's punch and the effects crew again come up trumps {it's ace in HD}. It now can be seen as the bridge between two better movies, that's for sure, but I liken it to Spielberg's Temple Of Doom-more darker than the more favourable films in a series; but one that is crucially still having fun. It may be a high-tempo ball of funny confusion at times, but this one, courtesy of it's ream of homages and sly observations, is one of the best trilogy sandwich fillers going.

    Munch it. 8/10

  2. JPV852 dice:

    This was one I think I was slightly disappointed in when I first saw it in theaters back in '89 and even with subsequent viewings on VHS and DVD, however I've come to appreciate it more over the years post-2000s. Lots of fun though feels disjointed at times going back and forth in time from 1985 to 2015 to alternate 1985 and back to 1955. But I did like the technical aspects re-creating the events of the first movie. **4.0/5**

    PS: Still remember back in the day seeing a TV special and believing the hoverboard was real, lol.

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