A Christmas Movie Christmas

A Christmas Movie Christmas

Eve is a Christmas movie fanatic and dreams of having a movie-perfect Christmas with a movie-perfect boyfriend. On Christmas Eve, when Eve and her cynical sister Lacy make wishes to Santa, they wake up in Christmas Town and find themselves trapped inside a Christmas movie where they are the stars. But when things start to go wrong, and Eve's knowledge of all things Christmas movie fails to fix things, Eve and Lacy try to find a way out of the picture-perfect Christmas and back to reality.

Original Title: A Christmas Movie Christmas
Year: 2022
Countries: United States of America
Category: Romance,TV Movie,Fantasy
Languages: English
Production Companies: MarVista Entertainment,Almost Never Films
Gender: Romance,TV Movie,Fantasy
IMDB: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt11096888
Movie Cast:

  • Paul: Brant Daugherty
  • Eve: Lana McKissack
  • Lacy: Kimberly Daugherty
  • Dustin: Ryan Merriman
  • Russell / Chad: Randy Wayne
  • Gram Gram: Brigid Duffy

Movie Crew:

  • Director: Brian Herzlinger
  • Editor: Daniel Duncan
  • Co-Executive Producer: Marguerite Henry
  • Producer: Danny Roth
  • Executive Producer: Fernando Szew
  • Music: Mj Mynarski
  • Co-Producer: Brant Daugherty
  • Writer: Kimberly Daugherty
  • Executive Producer: Hannah Pillemer
  • Costume Design: Aline Hong
  • Director of Photography: Josh Maas
  • Production Design: Jere Sallee
  • Set Dresser: Moira Tracey
  • Art Direction: Melissa Woods
  • Executive Producer: David Sweeney
  • Co-Executive Producer: Megan Ellstrom

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    1 Review

  1. r96sk dice:

    Cool idea, it kinda falls flat by the midway point though.

    'A Christmas Movie Christmas' is far from a terrible film, you could watch much worse during the festive period - this is at least different from the usual made-for-TV Xmas formula. It just gets a little boring as it goes on. I'm not exactly sure how they could've done it better, but there is certainly something missing to keep it fresh and entertaining for the full duration of the run time.

    The cast give satisfactory if unspectacular performances. Lana McKissack (Eve) is, as you'd expect, the most standout as the lead. I actually watched her YouTube videos when she was doing that about eight years ago, back when YOMYOMF/'Internet Icon' was a thing - what a throwback!

    Elsewhere, Kimberly Daugherty is alright as Lacy, starring alongside co-writer/producer and real life husband Brant Daugherty (Paul). I can't say I'll remember this cast, but they are all fine for what this film is to be honest.

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