7th Secret

7th Secret

Wealth, beauty, love...the young wife of a powerful attorney seems to have it all until a mysterious man offers her a life of forbidden pleasures. Guided by the mistresses of his secret club, she must choose to either resist and run or give in to her submissive side to fulfill her wildest fantasies and risk her perfect life. What happens when we give into our secret desires?

Original Title: 7th Secret
Year: 2023
Countries: United States of America
Category: Thriller
Languages: English
Production Companies:
Gender: Thriller
IMDB: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt4121086
Movie Cast:

  • Olivia: Natasha Henstridge
  • Miss Vivian: Stacey Dash
  • Liz: Kristin Minter
  • Marissa Lombardi Kelly: Amanda Figueroa
  • Michael Slade: Lukas Hassel
  • Kris: Michael Patrick Lane
  • Kailee: Molly Logan Chase
  • Jacqueline: Cilda Shaur

Movie Crew:

  • Line Producer: Roy Koriakin
  • Director: Bridget Smith
  • Writer: Michael Walsh

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