10 Double Zero

10 Double Zero

Set in the stifling heat of Louisiana, two police officers take on a personal vendetta to hunt down cop killers, but as they get closer to solving the crime, they find themselves targets of a conspiracy in the ranks of the police force as the investigation leads right back to them

Original Title: 10 Double Zero
Year: 2022
Category: Crime
Languages: English
Production Companies:
Gender: Crime
IMDB: http://www.imdb.com/title/
Movie Cast:

  • Det. Damon Reeves: Nicolas Cage
  • ...: Terrence Howard
  • Det. Angela Laveau: Sofia Pernas
  • ...: Paul Sloan
  • ...: Mark Sherman
  • ...: Mike Hatton

Movie Crew:

  • Producer: Kirk Shaw
  • Screenplay: Paul Sloan
  • Screenplay: Nick Vallelonga
  • Director: Christian Sesma
  • Producer: Mike Hatton
  • Cinematography: Anthony J. Rickert-Epstein
  • Producer: Jeff Bowler
  • Producer: Josh Mandel
  • Producer: Bret Saxon

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